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Edit is a pop up dinner concept brought to London food scene by chef Stefano Camplone

Growing up in small coastal town in Italy, as the youngest of 6, his love for food was inspired by the surroundings sea and mountains, and his mom, a classic chef. The skills were developed through professional studies in Italy and learning from well known chefs here in London.

Edit Pop Up dinners will bring a mix of Italian culture, Stefano’s favourite dishes and British experience.

From the stem of broccoli to classic tiramisu, working closely with local suppliers, Stefano keeps it simple, showcasing all parts of ingredients, and delivering a little piece of art on the plate. It’s the imagination, availability and diversity of produce, and simple love for good food that drives him to share it with other likeminded people !

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"Life is a combination of magic and pasta!"

Federico Fellini

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